Padlocks & Straps

Padlocks & Straps

Price: £3.00

(£3.60 inc tax)
  • Leather Strap 16" ONLY (JDF.D2) 
  • Leather Strap 20" ONLY (JDF.D3) 
  • Leather Strap 24" ONLY (JDF.D4) 
  • Padlock Brass ONLY (JDF.D1) 
  • (1x) 16" Strap and (1x) Padlock SET (JDF.D2+D1) 
  • (1x) 20" Strap and (1x) Padlock SET (JDF.D3+D1) 
  • (1x) 24" Strap and (1x) Padlock SET (JDF.D4+D1) 

Product Description

--*Straps and padlocks are sold separately unless sold as set*--

The anti-tamper leather strap is for use with globe valves and can be fastened using the 3/4" brass padlock. 

Other accessories are available which include a replacement washer and air release valve for use at the top of the hydrant system.

Air valves are fitted at the top of a riser to release air when the riser is charged with water or to admit air when draining off.


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