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Fire Safety Equipment has been an online retailer of high-quality safety products since 2011. We provide a comprehensive range of equipment including fire extinguishers, signage, fire blankets, ancillary items and fire alarms. We even stock our own exclusive specialist equipment and bespoke mobile fire extinguisher units that cannot be matched by any other supplier.

We only stock products from reputable suppliers who meet manufacturing and operating standards in the UK, including Fire Chief, Jewel Saffire, Thomas Glover, Jalite and Amerex. This gives peace of mind to all of our customers, whether they be commercial, industrial, landlords or homeowners. Don’t allow your safety to be compromised by low quality and unsafe items.

Your safety is important to us. We offer fast, reliable and cheap delivery at checkout to instantly prepare your premises for the event of a fire. Please visit our Delivery page for more information. Furthermore, our team regularly check our shipping and product prices to ensure we are always providing the highest quality safety equipment at the best online value.

For free advice regarding product information, general fire safety questions or your specific site requirements, please feel free to contact our team through the link below.

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