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Caravan Fire Extinguishers

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1kg Powder Fire Extinguisher W/STRAP

1kg Powder Fire Extinguisher W/STRAP

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Automatic Dry Powder 1kg Extinguisher

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MM Sign SA-PL 75×200 ID Sign Powder


Fire Extinguishers for Caravans

Caravan fire extinguishers can save lives and may also prevent devastating damage to your caravan. Because people are often using gas cylinders to supply energy, as well as increased use of matches when holidaying, it’s vital that you have a fire extinguisher for your mobile home.

Often fitted close to the kitchen area, a foam extinguisher is recommended – as opposed to powder – because of the confined space in which it would be discharged. Whether you need a camper van fire extinguisher or something for your static caravan, you can find the right unit here at Fire Safety Equipment.

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Fire Safety Challenges in Caravans

Since a caravan is a small, confined living space, you get the same fire safety challenges as a normal home, but magnified into a restricted space. Chief among the fire hazards is the kitchen, where cooking equipment such as lighters and matches can accidentally start a blaze if not used carefully. Additionally, gas cylinders and the materials used to build a caravan offer fuel for fires.

Power fire extinguishers in a caravan can help you tackle a variety of fire types quickly to prevent the worst, while you can also have automatic units fitted to protect your caravan if it is unoccupied. LITH-EX extinguishers should also be considered to help tackle fires started by modern lithium-ion batteries found in electronic devices.

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Caravan Fire Extinguishers Frequently Asked Questions

What fire extinguisher is best for a caravan?

You should always fit your caravan with the fire extinguisher type most suited to the types of fire that could occur. That said, foam fire extinguishers are good multi-purpose extinguishers for small spaces. If you have a kitchen, you should also consider an extinguisher that can be used on oil or fat fires, such as wet chemical units.

Where should a fire extinguisher be stored in a caravan?

Fire extinguishers in your caravan should be stored on brackets in easily reachable locations, usually near your door to encourage you to first exit the caravan. Do not place them too close to your kitchen facilities, as you may be prevented from reaching your extinguisher if this is where the fire breaks out.

What size fire extinguisher is recommended for a static caravan?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the size of your caravan. However, for standard caravans, we recommend a smaller, more compact size such as 1ltr, 2ltr or 3ltr units.

How long do caravan fire extinguishers last?

A fire extinguisher kept in good condition in your caravan can last between five and ten years. However, we recommend regular inspections, while BS 5306-3 recommends all units receive an annual service from a qualified professional.

Is it compulsory to have a fire extinguisher in a caravan?

While not explicitly required by law, it is always recommended that you have adequate fire safety equipment in your caravan for emergencies due to the number of risks — this includes keeping fire extinguishers within reach as you exit.

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