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2kg Powder Fire Extinguisher W/STRAP

2kg Powder Fire Extinguisher W/STRAP

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Fire Extinguishers for Trucks

For larger vehicles that carry certain goods, there are ADR regulations that must be adhered to. This often requires trucks to be fitted with fire extinguishers to help tackle any small fires that may break out. A truck fire extinguisher could be any type, but it’s recommended that at least one unit be a powder fire extinguisher as these can tackle A, B and C class fires.

The ADR regulations apply to vehicles carrying dangerous goods and specify a minimum of two fire extinguishers. However, lorry fire extinguishers can be useful even if your vehicles don’t carry traditionally hazardous goods, since vehicle fires and accidents are all too common. At Fire Safety Equipment, we stock a range of large vehicle fire extinguishers to help you keep your drivers and your valuable fleet safe.

Order your truck fire extinguisher today to stay safe on the roads and meet industry regulations.

Fire Safety Challenges of Trucks

Trucks and heavy goods vehicles will all use some form of fuel, including the possibility of LPG and diesel being in use. Add into this other fire safety challenges for trucks, such as electrical faults creating sparks and exhaust component issues, and it becomes clear that you need the right fire extinguishers onboard to quickly tackle any fire.

From fires caused by accidents on the roads to those that happen while stationary, give your drivers the tools to protect themselves and their trucks with powder fire extinguishers and LITH-EX fire extinguishers. This is an especially important tool if your drivers stay in their vehicles overnight or drive for extended periods as the risk of fire - and the sources of ignition - increases.


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Truck Fire Extinguishers Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fire extinguisher is needed for a truck?

For trucks carrying no dangerous goods, a standard ABC powder fire extinguisher is recommended for the cab to tackle solids, flammable liquids and flammable gases. 

There is a legal requirement for trucks carrying dangerous or hazardous goods to have powder fire extinguishers, this is per CDG and ADR regulations (The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). The larger the vehicle, the greater the minimum dry powder kg requirement, with vehicles over 7.5 tonnes requiring a total of 12kg.

How many fire extinguishers do you need for a truck?

For trucks and vehicles carrying dangerous goods, the ADR regulations state that all trucks, regardless of size, should have a minimum of two fire extinguishers.

How often do truck fire extinguishers need replacing?

Fire extinguishers for trucks are subject to the same rules as all other extinguishers, in that they need to have not expired. This means adhering to the recommended inspection schedule for powder extinguishers, discharging and refilling or replacing them every five years.

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