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Car Fire Extinguishers

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1kg Powder Fire Extinguisher W/STRAP

1kg Powder Fire Extinguisher W/STRAP


Fire Extinguishers for Cars

While not a legal obligation, we see numerous vehicle fires every year that could easily be prevented if the driver had access to a car fire extinguisher.

Some local authorities may require private hire vehicles to be fitted with an extinguisher, but perhaps you have your own fleet of vehicles as a business owner — why not protect these valuable assets and your drivers with fire extinguishers for vehicles?

Designed to be smaller and more compact, we stock a range of car extinguishers at Fire Safety Equipment. These can be important items for any commercial or privately-owned cars.

Order fire extinguishers for your vehicles today and have them swiftly delivered to keep your business safe on the road.

Fire Safety Challenges of Cars

All cars feature a combination of electrical components, as well as the potential for flammable liquids. In an ideal world, you will never encounter any issues, but fire extinguishers for cars - especially private hires and fleets - should be an essential piece of equipment present in every vehicle.

Even electric cars will contain flammable chemicals, meaning that whether the vehicle is involved in an accident or encounters a fault due to age, fire can present a very real danger to both drivers and passengers. Through the use of a powder fire extinguisher in a car fire, lives can be saved and damage can be limited.

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Car Fire Extinguishers Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fire extinguisher is best for a car?

In order to tackle a small car fire, we recommend powder fire extinguishers. Also known as ABC extinguishers, they cover a number of fire types.

Where should you store a fire extinguisher in a car?

To help avoid damage to your car fire extinguisher, you should store it in the boot, secured by a bracket to prevent it from rolling around and being damaged. This will also mean that you have to exit your vehicle in order to retrieve the extinguisher, moving you away from any immediate danger.

Do you need to carry a fire extinguisher in your car?

While it is not a legal requirement to fit your car with a fire extinguisher, they can be extremely useful in an emergency to keep you and your passengers safe. A car fire extinguisher will give you added peace of mind for every journey you take.

Is it safe to keep a fire extinguisher in a hot car?

Yes, although it is recommended that you keep fire extinguishers in your car in a cool and dry area, such as the boot. This helps to prolong the life of your extinguisher, with constant, excessive temperatures having the potential to cause a loss of pressure or leakage. It is recommended that, for this reason, you regularly visually inspect your extinguisher to ensure it remains in good condition.

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4.6 out of 5 140 Reviews
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